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Seville, Spain 

More than just oranges!

As much as I love cities and architecture the idea of driving into one with Ziggy is a little daunting, without power steering navigating some city streets can be somewhat stressful.  Seville is no exception, but I really had no choice,  all my equipment was telling me I had to go through Seville to get South to Tarifa.  

Without even realising it I was in the touristic heart of Seville,  after several revolutions around various monuments and numerous attempts to find parking I finally established myself safely in a suitable position with extensive maneuvering room front and back.   

With my new two-wheeled wonder I ventured off into the city!

And what a beautiful City it is!

Bike paths everywhere,  well signed, separate from the cars and pedestrians,  everyone knows where they should and shouldn’t be.   Total respect, pedestrians watch out for bikes,  bicycle riders are aware and considerate to pedestrians and cars? well they’re just as attentive!  What an absolute delight! 

Although official tourist season is over, the streets are full of immaculately dressed Spanish families,  rich in religious tradition Seville obviously attracts everyone during the Christmas period. And shopping doesn’t seem to be at the centre of it, it’s about spending time with the family, casual drinks,tapas and so much singing and clapping. Everyone seems to embrace their Flamenco tradition.   


The majestic Guadaluivir river that divides Seville,  bridges that seem to work with the landscape and modern architecture that blends well with the local environment.  Graffiti artists at work day and night creating fabulous masterpieces along the water’s edge,  no ugly concrete walls to be seen.  Instead many beautiful examples from the enchanted and disenchanted youth finding their voice on the grey canvas of day-to-day life. 

A different kind of monastery. 

It’s own orange grove complete with intricate watering system,  now for some reason I felt it quite appropriate to pick and eat several oranges here.    An abundance of olive trees and a small vineyard, the difference this monastery also produced excellent ceramic tiling. The grounds of the monastery were divine, peaceful, as if time stood still,   I almost expected to see priests in quiet contemplation.  

It now houses an art exhibition and is part of the Arts University.  

The bicycle paths guided my journey,  I had no map but I seemed to see more of this beautiful city than I ever could have done on foot. 

What a fabulous introduction to Spain. 

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