La Vie Française

Welcome or bienvenue to my site, from the menu bar you will be able to navigate simply from one page to another, there are two blogs, Being French one just a running commentary on becoming French and the other Destination Unknown, which is the reason I started this website in the first place, to show through pictures and short stories my journey across Europe in an old school Mercedes Van, affectionately named Ziggy.

You’ll find two separate galleries showing a number of photos some with the links to their appropriate blog entry elsewhere on the site. I’ve also included a page called Coquine which I will slowly add short stories.

The underlying purpose of my website is to encourage myself to write, not quite sure I’ll ever amass a following, as it’s hard enough getting family members to read it, let alone complete strangers. I won’t be holding my breath that’s for sure as we all know there are millions of good writers out there but they had to start somewhere right?

I don’t own a TV so this is my entertainment.

Please do sit down, make yourself comfortable and have a scroll through, let me entertain YOU.

Serendipity Sol