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Who is policing the police?

Considering the police station is a government public place one would think they too have to follow the rules of the orders set in place by both the officials higher up and the local Prefecture. Masks are obligatory outside and within all public areas, including non private vehicles. This law also applies to Gov't buildings… Lire la suite Who is policing the police?

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So I'm one of the many who are confined for a second time this year. This time I'm sticking close to home, not due to fears of getting sick but because I was one of the few who actually received a fine the first time around. Unbeknownst to me we were not allowed to be… Lire la suite Covidiot

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In my Dreams

Into my second year of living in France with French citizenship obtained thanks to my mother, life seemed almost complete.  Comfortably settled within a luminous period apartment, both the cat and I take the horizontal position frequently as the sun throws it's rays our way. The only thing missing was having the means to really… Lire la suite In my Dreams

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Confinement -Day 4

So I told myself months ago, or was it years, whatever, that I'd put the proverbial pen to paper, or fingers to laptop, tablet, phone, well that went ok for a day or two but now with confinement, I'm on day 3! I keep bribing myself to write No excuses Confinement- The thought was scary… Lire la suite Confinement -Day 4

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Self-Isolation part Deux!

Well if you've read the first part to Self-Isolation you'll note that I was on a hike. Into the countryside I had gone, on a path that caught my eye, sometimes it's real fun to just let yourself get lost, you find the most amazing places. Today was such a day, part 2... because I… Lire la suite Self-Isolation part Deux!

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Self-Isolation: French style

So here we are the second day in of confinement, we the French have been ordered to stay indoors, except for several exceptions; most importantly those 'essential service workers', the word essential being quite a vague one. I'm sure Amazon deliveries certainly do not classify as essential, but they seem to continue. Food, well of… Lire la suite Self-Isolation: French style

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Traveling solo: My version of the truth.

Got to admit time doesn't fly, in fact it goes at such a pleasant and natural state. I don't wear a watch and rarely follow a schedule, I rise just after dawn that's if I've managed to be in bed before midnight. Cooking most of my meals from scratch and eating when I'm hungry, life… Lire la suite Traveling solo: My version of the truth.

Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller

Rovinj, Croatia

Expect the unexpected So its been a full year, I've traveled most of the western Europe coastline and central Europe and its been gorgeous. Life is good, no time to be lonely, hardly anytime to write. The world is full of sociable friendly people so I have been relatively happy with my current state of… Lire la suite Rovinj, Croatia

Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller

Grado, Italy

A day at the beach I'm not exactly the beach type, getting myself into a bathing suit has never been my favourite pass time but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the beach. I do! The Italians seem to love their beaches, Trieste, a nearby city with its shipping history was notably empty of locals,… Lire la suite Grado, Italy