Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller, van life

Morocco, Africa   

Late but still in my thoughts. Considering I had no plan, it didn't surprise me one bit to find myself in Morocco, that's what this Serendipity free flow is all about. I have no idea where my journey will take me, as I go I get many invitations to visit other countries but even that… Lire la suite Morocco, Africa   

Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller, spain, Travel, van life

Seville, Spain 

More than just oranges! As much as I love cities and architecture the idea of driving into one with Ziggy is a little daunting, without power steering navigating some city streets can be somewhat stressful.  Seville is no exception, but I really had no choice,  all my equipment was telling me I had to go… Lire la suite Seville, Spain