About Moi!

Perhaps you met me at a festival or you’ve just stumbled onto my site, well here’s a little background info on me.  It feels as if I’ve spent half my life rejecting my roots and traits that made me different, to finally accepting my self and feeling relatively safe and secure in who I was.  Like so many others those small fissures found in my shell could sometimes let the light out but on the most part the things that really matter often mean that grey cloud will just pass by.  I always know the good times will come again, that lightness that I feel when I’m in nature.

Destination Unknown – The Journey

I decided to take this gigantic leap of faith in nothing but myself, with no idea where I was going nor where I may find myself.  I had a rough idea I would follow the sun for two years, live without excess nor want, I had enough resources to not have to worry about any significant or sudden expense.  My children weren’t children any more and I felt surplus to needs.  No one needed me, so it was time to discover a few things that I had missed out on whilst being there for everyone else.

It was about time I did things for myself, no worries, no demands, no compromises, it seemed like the perfect way to begin the next stage of my life.  I had to be ok with living on my own, I certainly had no intention of growing old and bitter, life had a whole lot more in store for me and I was certainly willing to give anything a try. 

Life was sweet on the road, being anonymous, no attachments, no mirrors, no clocks, practically no communication, not for want of trying.

Life had new meaning, rising with the sun, moving freely, enjoying the solitude, embracing the elements, taking joy in meals and their preparation.  Learning to trust ones own instincts or inner wisdom, instantly sensing similar vibrations and learning to recognise situations that leave you in a vulnerable state. 

I knew I was ready for a new challenge in life,  it was literally now or never. 

I did exactly what I set out to do, once I set those proverbial wheels in motion they didn’t seem to stop rolling and before I knew it I was heading out of the UK with a van that seemed to just appear out of the blue. I was committed. Time to step up and show everyone I wasn’t just talking sh*t!

My departure from England was a hasty one indeed, selling and giving away most of one’s possessions is not the easiest task, it all felt very final, no turning back. It was rather nerve racking to say the least. I most certainly needed a vacation! That was almost 3 years ago now, a lot has happened since then. 

I’ve got a whole new life here in France.  I may not be entirely French, but there is so much that I love about France, the sense of pride certainly runs through these veins, but more importantly the sense of belonging is what keeps me here. 

I feel home.


3 réflexions au sujet de “About Moi!”

  1. Oh so you’re in France ! Sounds as if your life has become a great adventure. You may remember me from years ago in Boscombe. Martin from Manchester.
    You have lots of great photos on your blog. I’m glad to see you’re having a fun time.
    All the best
    Martin X


    1. Heh Martin, yeah sure I remember you. How’s things? Yes, my life is one non stop adventure, still riding the serendipity flow actually. You may see my van around town, I sold it to some Boscombe folk. She’s got the words Serendipity Sol written on the side😂 Funny that. I also do Instagram these days as I didn’t have many followers, not so great at posting the stories I write! Got loads in draft! Instagram is called Serendipity_flow if you’re interested in the latest developments! Wonderful to hear from you. Crazy that you found me! Solange x


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