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Art- In all its glory

Bézier Whilst traveling Europe although I ventured into some of the most popular cities famous for their art collections, I did happen to come across some amazing art, but believe it or not I didn't actually step inside any museums or galleries! Marseille It wasn't as if these museums were unfortunately closed for one reason… Lire la suite Art- In all its glory

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Confinement-Day 6

Today's entry will be short. Not even 15 minutes into this session and my well trained eye spots a sign. Of course I have to ask myself why do I have to be so observant. I'm really shit at lying even to myself and god forbid if I had to lie in French, well I… Lire la suite Confinement-Day 6

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Confinement -Day 4

So I told myself months ago, or was it years, whatever, that I'd put the proverbial pen to paper, or fingers to laptop, tablet, phone, well that went ok for a day or two but now with confinement, I'm on day 3! I keep bribing myself to write No excuses Confinement- The thought was scary… Lire la suite Confinement -Day 4

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It’s starting to feel a little like England

I have to admit when I decided to try living here in southern France, like so many Brits, (but not so many quite like me, I'm unique remember) I didn't quite count on seeing so much rain and overcast skies. Perhaps this has been an unusual spring, perhaps not, but I'm starting to get a… Lire la suite It’s starting to feel a little like England

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Seville, Spain 

More than just oranges! As much as I love cities and architecture the idea of driving into one with Ziggy is a little daunting, without power steering navigating some city streets can be somewhat stressful.  Seville is no exception, but I really had no choice,  all my equipment was telling me I had to go… Lire la suite Seville, Spain 

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Portuguese coastline- part dos! 

Finally tearing myself away from Nazare I ventured south towards Faro, I had decided to cut out a large section of the western coastline to save time and money, big mistake! I ended up backtracking and loved every minute of it. So much so I have to do an entire section of exploring Sagres -… Lire la suite Portuguese coastline- part dos! 

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Serendipity Sol-Explorer

Sagres is more than just the of the world Now I realise for some when traveling are on a tight timescale, it may be necessary to just pop out of the car and peer over the cliff or marvel at the view which is SOP for any part of Portugal. At Sagres many do just… Lire la suite Serendipity Sol-Explorer

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Portuguese coastline – Magnificant 

If you've got a month or two to do some real exploring then make the journey to Portugal. The coastline is to die for, I really can't understand why anyone would want to leave? I've travelled from Porto all the way down to the west coast following the south coast towards Spain only using proper… Lire la suite Portuguese coastline – Magnificant 

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Overflowing with emotion! 

I've had a roller coaster couple of weeks, not only did I celebrate my birthday with typical Portuguese fare of sardines and sea bass all sourced locally from the crystal blue waters of Nazare, which had been my home for the past month or so. The meal was prepared by a wonderful French importee and… Lire la suite Overflowing with emotion!