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Here we go again

So here we are again, we’re two weeks in, this time confinement is certainly a different experience than the last.

Firstly I’m comfortably settled in my new flat, with its fabulous views of the gardens of the neighbouring Chateau, complete with its own resident owl.

Not bad eh?
Sadly, my flat lacks character from the outside, but makes up for it on the inside.

Within my flat I bathe in glorious sunshine from daybreak to late afternoon. I’m certainly in a better place both physically and mentally speaking.

Now that’s a room with a view, daybreak.

I still yearn to be outdoors and satiate those desires as often and for as long as I can, which is most days.

I do miss my long bike rides and hikes but the days aren’t as long so I’ve adapted my behaviour somewhat to include setting my hand to the vast array of crafts and hobbies at my disposal.

Nature: Forbidden Territory?
Memories of freedom

If and only if these experts in control of our bodies and for some, their minds, should they decide to extend it further to Christmas and New Years, I’ll certainly have to find the ways and/or means to escape. My need to be free is strong, I’m not real good at being a caged animal.

Up the rules!

4 réflexions au sujet de “Here we go again”

  1. Rebonsoir Solenge,
    Je suis Juan, un compagnon de trajet en train. J’ai été heureux de partager avec toi ce trajet. Une belle rencontre, je vais suivre désormais ton blog qui a l’air intéressant.

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    1. Bonsoir Juan, merci , moi aussi, c’est un plaisir de partage un trajet avec quelqu’un qui veut parler. C’est rare ces jours là. Tout le monde avec leur portable ou écouteurs, c’est dommage. Peut-être un jour on peut faire un trajet en vélo. Quelque part inconnu pour nous deux. ☺️🚴‍♀️🚴 Reste en contact. Solange


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