Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller, van life

Morocco, Africa   

Late but still in my thoughts.

Considering I had no plan, it didn’t surprise me one bit to find myself in Morocco, that’s what this Serendipity free flow is all about. I have no idea where my journey will take me, as I go I get many invitations to visit other countries but even that goes against my original idea of this journey would appear that I’ve had one thing that has pulled me throughout my travels, and that’s the Sun! Everywhere I go the weather has been amazing. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin and the glory of the sunrises and sunsets have made this trip magical. It all makes perfect sense to me….

Being in nature and spending most of this time alone has been relatively easy in Morocco, the village where I stayed had all I needed with its two ’boutiques’, coupled with fabulous views from the cliff where I parked and an array of wonderful beaches complete with caves and dunes!

The constant chatter of birds, the daily parade of visitors both on four legs and two kept me well entertained.
Village life consists of little more than slowly rising each day with the sun, and watching as the animals and locals go about their daily
chores. The goats and sheep which scavenge through vegetable waste and the household rubbish that gets hurled daily into the vast landscape. Rubbish removal has yet to come to this village that is situated at a prime surf spot and recycling seems to be a rumour being whispered by its European residents.
Essaouira is well-known to the surf community, it has retained much of its old world charm with its small traders vying for every moment of interaction with the tourist and their firm grip on their euros.

Sadly my 20 km trek into the a medina often ended with frustration at my inability to cope with the overwhelming attention that many female visitors would be subjected to. Perhaps I’m different from others but I wasn’t really interested in the services of a toyboy and even a simple coffee seemed to have a double entendre. Travelling solo came with its complications, though I never felt afraid or unsafe I didn’t really get much privacy except when I was hidden away in the confines of my van, and that’s just not the way I like to live. I found the village life to be relatively peaceful with people who became my friends and I’m glad for that. Given the opportunity to just relate to people on a human level is most enjoyable and the Moroccan like many others are as curious about us as we are about them. I will return one day, and I will feel like I’ve made some good friends that will be happy to see me again.

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