Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller

Serendipity style!

The pleasure of reading reignited!
I now realise why the word serendipity really suits my style, the writer Horace Walpole created the word in 1754 to describe something that happened as a pleasant surprise, referring to a story called The Three Princes of Serendip, (the old name for Sri Lanka) it certainly seems to resonate with me and the flow that I’ve been on for the last year or so.

Now I can’t EXPECT my life to be one non-stop flow of good things, but I sure am getting an inordinate amount of wonderful ‘coincidences’ or synchronicities that seem to be guiding me and at times, holding me.

Guiding me, in that this journey was all about introspection and spending time with myself. The first time in 23 years that I’ve had to be on my own, responsible for all my decisions, being completely accountable for me and only me. As they say, if you can’t love yourself, how do you expect to find someone who will love you.received_622364684622470

I have to admit I actually do quite like myself these days, on the road I am exactly who I want to be, ME, with my issues and my past tucked neatly away in a box in England, a box I have no real desire to collect. 20170331_095925
Nowadays I wear exactly what I like, I talk to everyone and I feel somewhat fearless, ignoring all the bad news stories that seem to go around, it’s rather easy to live in a type of bubble when you completely cut off from all forms of mainstream media. The world seems to be a much friendlier place than they make it out to be.
Getting back to the focus of this entry, I was fortunate enough to meet another friendly Brit, one day he showed up with a big bag of books. Strangely I had just completed the two books that I had brought with me on my journey. They’d taken me 15 years or more to finish. Somehow I had been to busy to read…more like I just couldn’t seem to make the time, the pull of city life or there was always something on TV, or socialising, sleeping, cleaning. Life!
I was chomping at the bit to continue this flow that reading had reignited, I figure one way to be good at writing is to do lots of reading.

Prior to indulging into these little treasures i had come across someone who was willing to part with the second book of David Roberts fame, Shantaram I had read this just after I had returned from India, a fabulous story, full of adventure, intrigue and a willingness to live life to the fullest, book two wrapped things up nicely. Its rather difficult being left hanging over the future of a character, he was on my mind for years!

Considering I had just finished the second of two books I had originally brought on my journey, my Stephen King, Gunslinger pt 5 a fantasy series…a book that I’d started on several occasions throughout my years in Bournemouth. Life always seemed to busy to sit down and really enjoy a book, the pull of city life always managed to distract me.
In the bag I find this wonderful fairytale, The Dragons Eyes, also written by SK, a real gem in my opinion. Nothing like deviating from the norm. I may be one of the few of my generation that DID love fairy tales as a child, though I didn’t really promote them as a parent! Too many stereotypes, perhaps the reason I’m still holding out for my Prince Charming, fed up of kissing frogs.
Started Early, Took my dog, this one had me in stitches, I realised I really need to laugh more, if what it takes is reading a book then I’m game. I’ve never enjoyed a book so much, in such an embarrassing way, but I seriously need to ask myself why am I so embarrassed. Its wonderful, the art of laughing.

Its not often you come across your own name in a book, especially with such a unique name, obviously there is some fabulous force at work here. My life is one magical carpet ride at times, and my eyes are wide open ready to receive. In the book the main character calls her little doll Queen Solange, I so rarely see my name in print, it sure did warm my heart to see it together with the word ‘Queen’ those who know me well, will understand.
Fabulous synchronicity.
Its all about timing, well I indulged in the last book just as I was leaving Italy, called Red Gold, a spy novel of WW2, not my normal choice in books. I followed along the gorgeous Italian coastline, taking notice of all the glass houses cut into the landscape and passing over the French border a third time on my travels. I stopped in the beautiful coastal Town of Menton, another real gem, with its history permeating the city walls. It feels like a magical place and with seafront views that open up into the Baie de Soleil, I would say I was exactly where I needed to be. My second night in the author describes the cliff drive with its glass houses and amazingly he begins to describe Menton.
Remarkable synchronicity!

I’ve become an avid believer in synchronicity less inclined to call it coincidence anymore. It certainly doesn’t feel coincidental, fate feels too final or without any control in the situation. With every decision I make I feel I go into it with an open mind and heart.
It would appear that the Universe is truly conspiring with me…and for what reason and why, I have yet to know. But I’m willing to stick to this path to find out what’s in store for me. Fingers crossed it’s exactly what I’ve been asking for…And it feels really close now 💜

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