Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller

Rovinj, Croatia

Expect the unexpected

So its been a full year, I’ve traveled most of the western Europe coastline and central Europe and its been gorgeous. Life is good, no time to be lonely, hardly anytime to write. The world is full of sociable friendly people so I have been relatively happy with my current state of being.


Climbing mountains in Austria, into the wild, alone with nature. This really does feed the soul. I really have to admit I feel a sense of shame by being sidetracked by life and all the conditioning and programming, all those possessions I once owned gave me none of the pleasure I get from being here and feeling this intense beauty all around me.

And it’s FREE, in every country we have places we can go, to reset ourselves, but somehow we fall for all the traps? If only I had done things differently, but I bought into the dream of ownership.

Shame. I seemed to have really missed out on a lot of things.

That said, it’s never too late. So I’m making the best of the rest.



There’s always purple flowers in my view.


And beautiful cold lakes that are often called a see, they’re so big! And yes I do jump in, I’d be crazy not to.

I had spent a couple of days in both Prague, Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria prior to going south. Both beautiful cities with amazing architecture, fabulously gorgeous people, style and elegance at is best.
I really could see why these cities were so popular in the bygone era, they sure do seem to exemplify everything that modern culture is based on.

But the countryside was calling me back, the quiet nights, fresh air and desolate areas were all features that were not present in these hustling, bustling cities. And of course even in these two big cities I did manage to find free parking next to parks, anything is possible when you don’t look like a campervan.

So I knew nothing about Slovenia other than it had the word LOVE in its name, so how could I go wrong? sLOVEnia was now on my agenda.

A quick stop in Lubjiana and then further south to a quiet little spot on the River krka. Time to recoop and reset, it didn’t take long to get back to myself. City life is great, but only for a moment and as long as those moments don’t include going inside any shops then I can do it.

Moving onto Croatia, Rovinj, Bale and Pula to be exact, well the pics speak for themselves. If you’ve never been to Croatia and you have the desire to go somewhere which has an Italian feel to it, without all the expense, it sure wouldn’t disappoint you.





Wear a bathing suit under your clothes, because it gets so hot and the rocky waters edge has different levels which have been riddled with small platforms that serve as sunbathing spots, with stairs down to the water.



Its ideal for those who don’t love sunbathing for hours as it’s all along the coastal town of Rovinj. Quick dip to cool off and then back to looking at the lovely artisans work, really unique little shops selling all sorts of beautiful things. The people are fabulous too!


Just outside the town lots of trees to hang a hammock.


Parked my van here day and night, no charge, quiet beaches some nudism but you get used to it, after the initial surprise subsides. And no, I didn’t manage to bare all, too many hang ups! Thanks western culture, I owe you.

This Brit was really suffering! 😂

And next on the flow was Trieste and Grado, a little bit of the Italian coast.

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