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In my Dreams

Into my second year of living in France with French citizenship obtained thanks to my mother, life seemed almost complete.  Comfortably settled within a luminous period apartment, both the cat and I take the horizontal position frequently as the sun throws it's rays our way. The only thing missing was having the means to really… Lire la suite In my Dreams

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Confinement-Day 6

Today's entry will be short. Not even 15 minutes into this session and my well trained eye spots a sign. Of course I have to ask myself why do I have to be so observant. I'm really shit at lying even to myself and god forbid if I had to lie in French, well I… Lire la suite Confinement-Day 6

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It’s starting to feel a little like England

I have to admit when I decided to try living here in southern France, like so many Brits, (but not so many quite like me, I'm unique remember) I didn't quite count on seeing so much rain and overcast skies. Perhaps this has been an unusual spring, perhaps not, but I'm starting to get a… Lire la suite It’s starting to feel a little like England

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Serendipity style!

The pleasure of reading reignited! I now realise why the word serendipity really suits my style, the writer Horace Walpole created the word in 1754 to describe something that happened as a pleasant surprise, referring to a story called The Three Princes of Serendip, (the old name for Sri Lanka) it certainly seems to resonate… Lire la suite Serendipity style!

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Rovinj, Croatia

Expect the unexpected So its been a full year, I've traveled most of the western Europe coastline and central Europe and its been gorgeous. Life is good, no time to be lonely, hardly anytime to write. The world is full of sociable friendly people so I have been relatively happy with my current state of… Lire la suite Rovinj, Croatia

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Grado, Italy

A day at the beach I'm not exactly the beach type, getting myself into a bathing suit has never been my favourite pass time but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the beach. I do! The Italians seem to love their beaches, Trieste, a nearby city with its shipping history was notably empty of locals,… Lire la suite Grado, Italy

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Menton,  France 

As I slipped slowly away from Italy this last summer, my first stop brought me to the lovely town of Menton, France only a few kilometres from the Italian border. Not quite the cote d'azur but it has that air of elegance one expects from that region. Famous for it's history of lemons, though I… Lire la suite Menton,  France 

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Portuguese coastline- part dos! 

Finally tearing myself away from Nazare I ventured south towards Faro, I had decided to cut out a large section of the western coastline to save time and money, big mistake! I ended up backtracking and loved every minute of it. So much so I have to do an entire section of exploring Sagres -… Lire la suite Portuguese coastline- part dos! 

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Serendipity Sol-Explorer

Sagres is more than just the of the world Now I realise for some when traveling are on a tight timescale, it may be necessary to just pop out of the car and peer over the cliff or marvel at the view which is SOP for any part of Portugal. At Sagres many do just… Lire la suite Serendipity Sol-Explorer