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Portuguese coastline – Magnificant 

If you’ve got a month or two to do some real exploring then make the journey to Portugal. The coastline is to die for, I really can’t understand why anyone would want to leave? I’ve travelled from Porto all the way down to the west coast following the south coast towards Spain only using proper campsites twice to rendezvous with friends. Here is part one of my journey with my favourite photos attached to demonstrate why it was so hard to leave. I’m still here by the way! But only just. .. . And I’ve I’ve found another little gem. Go figure.

Matasinhos-parked all along the front, even had front row parking for free concert of a famous Portuguese boy band.

Call it wild camping, parking, whatever, it makes little difference to me as I rarely stay longer than 2 weeks and I’ve had no desire yet to ‘set up shop’ (get the deck chairs and cooking paraphernalia out). I’d rather explore the local landscape and integrate with the locals. I make a point of avoiding places like Lidl and support the local producers, this country produces wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables why wait 6 days for fruit to ripen or should I say rot?
Just beyond Figueira de Foz, I found this lovely scene, breakfast at the top on tables provided. The occasional runner coming through to distract me from the view 😆

Heading south I resisted many other beaches as I needed to clock some Kilometres otherwise I’d never leave Portugal. Then I stumbled upon Nazare. I loved the name- it seemed to be beckoning me!

Nazare was such a wonderful place with not only stunning landscapes and sunsets it held a few surprises for me. In fact I loved it so much that I spent over a month there, returning after a stint inland. I changed my views every week or so with parking on the beachfront where the waves were so powerful that it sent vibrations through my van, virtually rocking me to sleep at night and the clifftops at Sitou and Praia Norte, with their magical sunrises and sunsets. What more could one ask for in life?

Nazare displayed a rich tapestry of cultural and traditional reminders of a time gone by. Well worth a visit.

Found at the top of this Nazare cliff is Sitou, another fine example of its traditional and religious history. It boasts to be the gateway to the Praia Norte, Surfers Heaven- home of the 30 metre waves. If you dare that is. Magnificant to say the least-huge waves or not.

Sunsets from Sitou – breathtaking!

Clifftop parking with views of Nazare, which had a tram car for the ascent, but also a fabulous stairway that meandered slowly down the Cliffside. A good workout session both up and down.

These protruding rocks scream ‘climb me’ And I can never resist it’s call, regardless how dangerous it may seem. Others obviously have done it – so I do!

And there’s the proof!

Unbeknownst to me I appropriated this particular ‘parking gem’ on the cliff overlooking Praia Norte, sadly the business man rarely found me at home and for some reason never left a note regarding his ‘spot’.

Stairway to Surfers Heaven ! – Praia Norte

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