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Say what I mean, mean what I say

My philosophy is if you say something, mean it, if you don't mean it, don't say it. When I say I'm going to do something I do it, I rarely let people down or cancel on them, I have a hard time being late or finding excuses just to avoid doing favours. I often hear… Lire la suite Say what I mean, mean what I say

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Covid cacoon

I have to say I'm not much good at staying in, the possibility of another confinement is filling me with anxiety I don't need. Currently in France we have an 18h00 curfew, at which time I'm just stepping out to go to work, when I finish I bimble home slowly. It's only 20h00 and there's… Lire la suite Covid cacoon

Being French

Living vicariously through others

Do you live in a self created cacoon? Do you love to read or watch movies? Do books/tv portray life or do we replicate living through what we read in books or see on the screen? I tend to take risks in life, I always have, life is more exciting when I'm pushing the boundaries.… Lire la suite Living vicariously through others

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Confinement -Day 4

So I told myself months ago, or was it years, whatever, that I'd put the proverbial pen to paper, or fingers to laptop, tablet, phone, well that went ok for a day or two but now with confinement, I'm on day 3! I keep bribing myself to write No excuses Confinement- The thought was scary… Lire la suite Confinement -Day 4

Being French

Self-Isolation part Deux!

Well if you've read the first part to Self-Isolation you'll note that I was on a hike. Into the countryside I had gone, on a path that caught my eye, sometimes it's real fun to just let yourself get lost, you find the most amazing places. Today was such a day, part 2... because I… Lire la suite Self-Isolation part Deux!

Being French

Self-Isolation: French style

So here we are the second day in of confinement, we the French have been ordered to stay indoors, except for several exceptions; most importantly those 'essential service workers', the word essential being quite a vague one. I'm sure Amazon deliveries certainly do not classify as essential, but they seem to continue. Food, well of… Lire la suite Self-Isolation: French style