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Christmas Scramble

No presents for me, no Christmas turkey or goose for that matter. And I'm not talking about eggs either, I've followed the lead of a good friend who goes on a quiet hike alone every Christmas day, just me and nature what better gift is there. Most of us have moved away from the old… Lire la suite Christmas Scramble

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It’s starting to feel a little like England

I have to admit when I decided to try living here in southern France, like so many Brits, (but not so many quite like me, I'm unique remember) I didn't quite count on seeing so much rain and overcast skies. Perhaps this has been an unusual spring, perhaps not, but I'm starting to get a… Lire la suite It’s starting to feel a little like England

Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller

Grado, Italy

A day at the beach I'm not exactly the beach type, getting myself into a bathing suit has never been my favourite pass time but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the beach. I do! The Italians seem to love their beaches, Trieste, a nearby city with its shipping history was notably empty of locals,… Lire la suite Grado, Italy

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Morocco, Africa   

Late but still in my thoughts. Considering I had no plan, it didn't surprise me one bit to find myself in Morocco, that's what this Serendipity free flow is all about. I have no idea where my journey will take me, as I go I get many invitations to visit other countries but even that… Lire la suite Morocco, Africa   

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Overflowing with emotion! 

I've had a roller coaster couple of weeks, not only did I celebrate my birthday with typical Portuguese fare of sardines and sea bass all sourced locally from the crystal blue waters of Nazare, which had been my home for the past month or so. The meal was prepared by a wonderful French importee and… Lire la suite Overflowing with emotion! 

Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller

Time to write 

Although writing was one of the  main reasons for coming on this journey with no clear destination in mind,  somehow I've found it rather difficult to dedicate the time, energy or focus to writing.  Not only is the process of finding WiFi hotspots somewhat difficult but coordinating this fact with equipment that is fully charged… Lire la suite Time to write 

Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller

Independence Day- July 4,2016

So this is it,  the day has arrived I've now boarded the ferry for France and the first day of the rest of my life has begun. The past few weeks have been somewhat chaotic,  with reducing my worldly possessions to either fit in my van,  get stored or sold on.  The storage area somehow… Lire la suite Independence Day- July 4,2016

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The make-over

The Blue Beast This is not so much of a story, it's more like a play-by-play commentary of the changes that Ziggy has undergone since we met. Transforming the Blue Beast to Ziggy should have been a relatively easy task, why? Because the van was kitted out with everything your average person would need; bed,… Lire la suite The make-over

Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller

Serendipity Sol

I like to describe myself as 'One in a million' born of mixed heritage French and Indian, I've had rather a colourful life up till now. I couldn't resist buying this piece as I happened to be wearing all the same colours as shown above the very day the artist happened to be in Bournemouth… Lire la suite Serendipity Sol

Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller

The Ideal Van

Originally posted to Tumblr on January 4, 2016. What I wanted, looked nothing like what I could afford.Buying and converting a vehicle will be my first step in the adventure, I’ve spent many hours following fb pages of bus and van enthusiasts, eBay and the like in hopes that through some form of osmosis I will… Lire la suite The Ideal Van