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Who is policing the police?

Considering the police station is a government public place one would think they too have to follow the rules of the orders set in place by both the officials higher up and the local Prefecture. Masks are obligatory outside and within all public areas, including non private vehicles. This law also applies to Gov't buildings… Lire la suite Who is policing the police?

Being French, Ma Vie Française

In my Dreams

Into my second year of living in France with French citizenship obtained thanks to my mother, life seemed almost complete.  Comfortably settled within a luminous period apartment, both the cat and I take the horizontal position frequently as the sun throws it's rays our way. The only thing missing was having the means to really… Lire la suite In my Dreams

Being French, Confinement, Ma Vie Française

Here we go again

So here we are again, we're two weeks in, this time confinement is certainly a different experience than the last. Firstly I'm comfortably settled in my new flat, with its fabulous views of the gardens of the neighbouring Chateau, complete with its own resident owl. Not bad eh? Sadly, my flat lacks character from the… Lire la suite Here we go again

Being French, Confinement, Ma Vie Française

Here and Now

So here in France we've almost finished two full weeks of self isolation and the end is NOT in sight. This week for the French the noose tightened, they've insisted that we carry a 'note' stating why and how long we intend to be out; work, essential shopping, exercising rover or oneself, which now limits… Lire la suite Here and Now