Being French, Confinement

Covid cacoon

I have to say I’m not much good at staying in, the possibility of another confinement is filling me with anxiety I don’t need.

Currently in France we have an 18h00 curfew, at which time I’m just stepping out to go to work, when I finish I bimble home slowly. It’s only 20h00 and there’s no one about, no police neither. It goes to show how obedient people truly are, there’s talk of dissatisfaction but most people are comfortably tucked up in front of their TV’s. Feasting on the fear that is being dished out hour after hour.

As the days lengthen and the weather warms up and the big C apparently takes more victims I ask myself when is this going to stop. When are people going to start revolting?

I’m certainly not one for following the rules, I don’t break them I just bend them a little. Home should not be a prison, we should have the right to come and go as we please.

Another confinement because the statistics are showing a rise in the spread of C? Are these statistics rising because more people are being coerced into being tested? In Paris testing tents have been erected outside many pharmacies. I have to wonder how these stats are collated, and can they be manipulated in order to shows a specific result?

Regardless I’m going to have to find ways of staying positive through these isolating times. Nature is my cacoon, that’s where you’ll find me. Covid or not.

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