Being French, Confinement, Ma Vie Française

Here and Now

So here in France we’ve almost finished two full weeks of self isolation and the end is NOT in sight.

This week for the French the noose tightened, they’ve insisted that we carry a ‘note’ stating why and how long we intend to be out; work, essential shopping, exercising rover or oneself, which now limits us in both time and distance, 1km radius for 1 hr and solo of course.

Peace and quiet

Each morning I endeavour to meditate, my body like a five day old pretzel, even 5 minutes seems like an eternity and to be honest that’s about as long as my mind permits me to ‘not think’.

Due to the fowl weather but more importantly the new restrictions I’ve not been on my bike, instead I’ve reintroduced my body to that age old practice of yoga sadly I hadn’t quite got around to shedding the unwelcome winter podge.

The sun looks down on me.

My body is certainly not cooperating, I’m not quite sure morning is the best time for me as everything needs to be completely lubricated, blood thinned so it can easily flow to my extremities, joints articulated enough so that I can actually bend over. Sun Salutation – 4 days and counting.

Considering we’ve all been ordered to give up our freedom for the greater good, whether we agree or not.

We, the French like 🐏 are following orders. Mehh mehh !

Happy 🐈

This week instead of writing about my escape into nature🚫! I’ve decided to write about things that enter my mind in the Here & Now.

I live in a quaint little flat, fortunately for me it has a little balcony. Measuring 1m x 1.5m, there’s just enough room for my rather cumbersome behind.

Room with a view.

I’m not fortunate enough to get any direct sunshine, though on a positive note should this imprisonment last long enough the wind that whips through to the other side won’t be such a bad thing.

And on the bright side, I do have a superb view of a grand manor house, full of french style and elegance, it’s garden which is home to an array of trees, though I do have to admit that the birds that sing to me day and night are sadly those trapped in their own prison, in another neighbours first floor flat!

The view.

My French doors when open wide, give me the impression I’m living in a renaissance painting, something I’m very grateful every day that passes, it certainly beats looking at the closed shutters of those who have escaped to their country homes.

On my balcony I’ve created a cosy little nest, full of colour, majestic purples and plush pinks, even Sacha my cat feels quite happy to perch hours at a time with me, watching the foray of creatures passing below and above.

Balcony with a view

With losing my freedom I’ve decided to voluntarily liberate myself from the claws of the awful beast, that is Facebook. It’s always been a bit of a bone of contention for me, in fact for the most part it winds me up almost daily. Being connected to people is fabulous, but when it seems the only way in which you relate to people, family or otherwise is through 👍👎 or 💜 it seems a poor excuse for communication. It lacks a certain sense of rapport perhaps its because I’m neither popular or memorable or perhaps its both.

My life in a nutshell.

I’m not against it, but most people are rarely interested in discussing the articles they post, they certainly don’t want their views challenged, and god forbid you post something that is remotely against someone’s belief system you risk a bombardment of condemnation and alienation.

Friendship moments

We all play nice in the playground, most of us choose our articles carefully, our photos only show ourselves at our best and if you’re like me, you may only have about 10 people that you really know well, the rest, casual acquaintances that you met at random moments in your existence.

On that note, Facebook I say adieu, I’ve outgrown you. I’ll be testing myself to see how I get on without you for the duration of this imprisonment, I mean self isolation.

This is what I call self isolating!

That’s my van in the photo.

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