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Confinement-Day 6

Today’s entry will be short. Not even 15 minutes into this session and my well trained eye spots a sign. Of course I have to ask myself why do I have to be so observant. I’m really shit at lying even to myself and god forbid if I had to lie in French, well I know I’d crumble and admit that I saw the sign.

They must be joking!
Now we’re being stopped from going into nature.
This logic baffles me.

So best not tempt fate. I’ll find alternatives, tomorrow. I need to exercise, for my own sanity for sure but mostly cause this carcass I’m carrying around is not in the best condition. This French wine and good food is certainly having an adverse effect on my body.

Of course I just turned around returning to town, where I crossed paths with scores of people! I certainly can understand the rationale behind closing bars, cafes, restaurants but restricting the movement for those who make a point of escaping into the countryside for exercise or fresh air seems absurd.

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