Being French

Self-Isolation part Deux!

Well if you’ve read the first part to Self-Isolation you’ll note that I was on a hike.

Into the countryside I had gone, on a path that caught my eye, sometimes it’s real fun to just let yourself get lost, you find the most amazing places. Today was such a day, part 2… because I must share what I found.

A seemingly dead but beautiful tree

Whilst sitting waiting for the little red squirrel to return to its nest I had this uncanny feeling I was being watched. I bimbled about and caught sight of what appeared to me as a hooded figure standing high above at what looked like an entrance to a cave.

Look closely at the black hole in the centre, do you see it?

Now I’m no sissy, instead of running in the other direction I look for a way to get closer, were my eyes playing tricks, or was there someone there, perhaps hiking themselves or even living up there. Anything is possible. I just knew if there was someone there then it meant there was a way up, and I have a thing about heights, I love them.

At that moment a fella sporting rather large headphones, with muscles bulging comes hurdling towards me. Appearing to be the maiden in distress, quick on my feet whilst flashing my pearly whites I manage to blubber in French, somewhat coherently I may add, some sort of question. He’d obviously seen me gazing up turning in circles, looking quite ridiculous no doubt.

But he gave me an affirmative nod, mentioning ‘la vierge’ & ‘chemin’ and what appeared to be a smile then galloped off into the brush. Somewhere between embarrassment and muse I too scrambled off, thankfully in the opposite direction.

Along my way, his words were bouncing around in my head, along with my thoughts, I realised he must have been referring to the Virgin Mary, I mean surely he wasn’t talking about me?

Caves are fab
The ribbons are for Nan’s. A tiny Virgin Mary stands on the shelf at the left.
A ray of sunshine illuminates the cave

I first stumbled onto a massive cave, within it I found a tiny little Virgin Mary, I assumed it was not one in the same. After scrambling about a little more found her. She stood neatly tucked out of reach barely visible due to the overgrowth. My mind jumped back to the fella, assuming she was made of stone only someone like him could have put her there in the first place!

Look beyond the branch in the rock face

Happy with my find, I trundle back, noticing more beautiful sights and forgetting our current crises worldwide.

Look closely my new water bottle replicates the colours in nature. Sunshine yellow and purple!
So many shades of green

4 réflexions au sujet de “Self-Isolation part Deux!”

  1. I Love your bumbling into funkyness. 😉💜
    A happy read, which brings a smile and a breath of fresh air a moments respite amongst these times of collective husteria.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us all Sol and beaming good vibes about😙💜💜🌈💜💜


    1. Sol…? You’re brave! The Purple Hearts will have given you a free pass on this one.

      That is quite the little adventure, and a creepy pic to go with it (no photo shopping I hope 😉). I am surprised you didn’t abandon the mission and chase the man with muscles.

      Stay safe and keep the posts coming.


      1. Tbh I thought about it!!! And which creepy pic, all my pics are mine, unedited! In all their glory, most often though they are nothing like what I see with my own two eyes. That’s why we should avoid watching documentaries cause things are much much more beautiful in real life, real time. No bravery or courage needed. Just faith. Faith in ourselves. 💜


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