Destination Unknown, France, solo female van traveller

It’s starting to feel a little like England

I have to admit when I decided to try living here in southern France, like so many Brits, (but not so many quite like me, I’m unique remember) I didn’t quite count on seeing so much rain and overcast skies. Perhaps this has been an unusual spring, perhaps not, but I’m starting to get a little irked by its relentless presence in my life.

The local farmers would disagree as the grapevines are loving it. Always a bright side eh?

I will agree that when the sun has made an appearance, although it has been rather intermittent as of late it does seem to come out in force, blooming the town into full power colour.

My current location serves me well, I’ve built up a small network of aquaintances, both French and English speakers, a few have become friends. The van is parked next to the canal thereby providing me with unlimited water and the occasional electric use to charge my equipment. Thank heaven for my Péniche friend and his fabulous Boxer, who greets me everyday (bottom wagging as there is an absence of a tail 😂) regardless what language I speak, the 🐶 that is!

As they say in the property world, ‘location, location, location’ and I’ve found a gem. Located only 15km from the sea, with the canals feeding the east/west and north /south routes this wonderful town of Narbonne is perfectly situated.

Van dwelling in the town I need frequent escapes into nature, that too is only 8km away, a wonderful panoramic area of low lying cliffs, called the Clape. And yes those are PINK Flamingoes!

With all this rain being cooped up in my van pushes me to my limits, I’m not closterphobic but with only rear windows and a small window to my cab, the space can sometimes feel like a rather large coffin.

Venturing into wilderness I have the luxury of opening the side door to allow the sights and sounds of nature to join me. With the added feature of a mosquito curtain I can see out but they, the passer-by can’t see in, giving me total freedom to just laze in bed and listen to the rain.

Always a silver lining when living the van life.

Thank heavens for small blessings. Eternal rain or shine being in nature sure does take make everything so much more enjoyable. Clouds add that extra element of beauty to a sunset, the violet hour seems to last eternal and my my heart is filled with joy. 💜

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