Destination Unknown, solo female van traveller

Grado, Italy

A day at the beach

I’m not exactly the beach type, getting myself into a bathing suit has never been my favourite pass time but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the beach. I do!
The Italians seem to love their beaches, Trieste, a nearby city with its shipping history was notably empty of locals, very few shoppers, the place was deserted, it certainly had a « Twilight Zone » feel to it which gave me the heebie jeebies.

The Italians could be found lying side by side with the rest of us Northern Europeans who seem to be deprived of that luxurious ball of fire!
I’m a sociologist, observing people is what I do, this journey certainly gives me plenty of opportunities, and this particular beach highlighted the positives of the Italians. Family is at centre of everything. wp-image--1008740878
One needs to be comfortable !
Many family members digging for the delicacies that the sea offers.
Who says building a sand castle is for the young, it’s for the young at heart too.
Hours of fun playing in this sand, the tide goes out here for almost a kilometre, it’s so strange to see, people can be so far out and only knee deep in water, for me a very peculiar sight.

Even Fido enjoys a day out at the beach. And before you think anything, people do seem to be conscientious to others.
And the faithful efforts of these fabulous people, not bad on the eye either. 😊
This is where you could find me. ..hanging in my hammock seeking shade. After years of living by the beach in southern England, the only time I spent on it was watching the air show, or playing Frisbee, which I did fairly often. Rarely would you have found me sun tanning. ..It just isn’t and will never be ‘my thing’ . I love to watch people and that I could always do from a safe distance on the promenade drinking a cup of coffee.

2 réflexions au sujet de “Grado, Italy”

  1. Hi Solange, Beautiful pics it all looks so idyllic, not that I could lay on the beach, too fidgety and also a sun avoider, however I do like the idea of families hanging out together anywhere. Would so love to do some parts of Europe again, although…. have to say I do not enjoy the “getting there” part.

    We have had a hot, dry summer with forest fires always a worry, though we have lived on Salt Spring for 23 years now without a problem it only takes one idiot to toss a cigarette away. It is very overcast due to smoke from California and B.C. interior fires which have been raging for weeks! I was just checking out Facebook and saw your Boom Festival post, had to google it as I had not heard of it. How fantastic, and all done without big corporation money, it can be done.

    I have been swimming in the ocean most evenings. I have a friend who lives above a bay, the water is a little warmer there than in the open ocean. She is high water bank so we have to descend 120 steps to get down there which is fine, the getting back up keeps us puffing though 🙂

    Pamy and I are both well and enjoying life on our little island. This came right to my mailbox which makes it much easier to answer than on the Facebook site.

    Enjoy your experiences, stay safe, love Penny.



    1. It’s wonderful to hear from you. Yes beaches have never really done it for me, the only part I did enjoy was WATCHING the people. Mind it doesn’t take a beach, I’m always people watching. Europeans really do know how to enjoy life, they seem so much happier. I’m not going to want to ever return to England, if I can find a way, I will. Just have to find the right spot, in france again now,. Trying to upload a few more writings, thoughts, it’s nice to know someone is reading my thoughts, scribblings if I were musical I’d sing all these thoughts and feelings. But I’m not. And sadly most people just glance at pics nowadays, people seem to want immediate gratification of every sort. The written word is losing strength day by day. And I’ve only just found my voice. Oh well, maybe it’s enough for just me to see and reflect on in later years. . Especially since so many of us, lose our memories. This way I’ll always have them, as long as I remember my password eh!!! Good on you for your continued exercise regime, you’re a fabulous example of a healthy woman, and a good one I’ll add. All the best to you both, wish you continued good health and happiness. A trip out west may also be on my cards in the future. One last chance to say goodbye to some very important people in my life . Now that I’ve spent most of my money I may as well blow the whole lot. Never know what the future holds, and people have a lot less than me. So I’m not going to care too much. NO FEAR!!! XXX


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