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Menton,  France 

As I slipped slowly away from Italy this last summer, my first stop brought me to the lovely town of Menton, France only a few kilometres from the Italian border. Not quite the cote d’azur but it has that air of elegance one expects from that region.

Famous for it’s history of lemons, though I didn’t manage to see many lemon trees, the town certainly ‘milks’ the reputation.

Aside from that tidbit, the Menton has so many beautiful features that a brief visit of 5 days was clearly not enough, I could have spent much more time walking the beachfront and practicing my French.

The housing in set in amongst the mountain side, it makes for a very interesting and enjoyable glimpse into the lives of the locals, and some wonderful photos with awesome backdrops.My only issue with Menton was its total intolerance of campers of any sort, police actually told me to go park overnight in Italy and to return the next day. I didn’t listen, of course.

As usual my voyage involves lots of walking, and with that I discover some wonderful secrets, little gems that seem to be lost in time, waiting for nature to claim it back or the investors to offer a price too good to refuse.

Like all the coastline of Europe the main focus seems to be on commercial ventures, sad to see so many beautiful locations opting for the quick turn over that capitalism offers. Soon the coastline will lack any individuality from nation to nation, best you get in your van asap and take the time out to see them.

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